Please pray for these people and situations:

Greg and Rene Alexander     Ruth Andrews     Charles Ashley

Jim Ashmore     Beck Avra     Martha Best & Kids

Gene Bunn & Family     Philine Baker     Mabel Beltran

Samantha Best     Betty Bogle     Shannon Brewer     Betty Brothers

Johnny Buchanan     Sandra Burch     Charlie Burks & Family

Glen Campbell     Teresa & Ronnie Cannon     Taylor Cannon

Ruby Camp     Patsy Carlisle     Jimme Cater     Tracy Chism

Margaret Christianson     Jesse Clarke     Jordan Coker & Family

Landon Collins     Inez Conley     Norma Cox    

Robert Cox & Family     Robert Cox, Jr.     Darian Crystle & Jr.  

Daryl Cuppy     Brian Davis     Dorothy Downing     

Margaret Etheridge     Robert Essing     Tonya Garland     

Linda Gatewood Family     Jake Gerrard     Tommy Gray & Family

Robbie Guerin     Jerry Hamra     Gene Hanley     

Reba & Franklin Helms     Frank & Donna Helms     

Robert Helms     Geraldine Hoag     Tammy Hodge

Gary Hughes & Family     Mae Huntley     WC & Melba Inman

Terry Ivy     Bobbie Jacoby & Serenity     Ron Langley

Caprice Lee & Bentley     Galen & Tiyann Lee & Kids

Brian Levine     Sharon Lewis     Gerrart Malone     Frank McBride

James McClure     Donnie McGhee     Mark Mcustion     

James Middleton     David Moore     Geraldine Murphy    

Rick & Darceen Neisler     Pat Oxford     Rachel Randolph     

Nancy Rasberry     Rebecca Risner     Danny Roberts     

Jeanette Robertson     Steve & Crystal Sanders     Leslie Sammons

Matt Simms     JP Stokes     Lenard Stokes    

Birdie & Johnson Stone     Sara Suthern     Sykes Family     

Kathy Thrasher & Family     Dericka Taylor     

John R & Johnnie C Taylor     Tomlinson Family     Betty Towery

Betty Ward     Parker Watkins     Danny & Sandy West

Terry Wheat     Amos Williams     Charles Williams     

Leon & Gail Wilson     Dani Winberry and Family


The Bereaved Families of:

James W. Boyd     Charles Cater     Jimme Cater     Bruce Downing

Jamie Harris     Scott Henson     Ken Jackson     Jim Kendricks

Drew Kelly     Kay McClure     Gary Oxford     Bobby Sellars

Kim Stevens     Nancy Tacorda     Jason Thomas

Anthony Tramble     Melvin Warren     Ralph Wells     Carolyn West

Danny Wright

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Victims of Violence in Blytheville

Disaster Victims * The Sick and the Poor

The Lost People All Over the World


If you’d like to add anyone or anything to the prayer list, please notify someone in person at the church, or you can use the form on the Contact Page of this website.  You can also contact us via email at